Wisconsin Territory

Known well for its breweries and lakes, the Milwaukee/Madison area offers both residential and commercial level business platforms. For mid-western entrepreneurs eager to get their feet wet or broaden their horizons, Wisconsin is an ideal opportunity.



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Counties Served

  • Columbia

  • Dane

  • Dodge

  • Grant

  • Green

  • Iowa

  • Jefferson

  • Juneau

  • Kenosha

  • Lafayette

  • Marquette

  • Milwaukee

  • Ozaukee

  • Racine

  • Richland

  • Rock

  • Sauk

  • Sheboygan

  • Walworth

  • Washington

  • Waukesha

Driven Pile Installation Animation

A short clip of a Ram-Jack Deep Driven Steel Pier being pushed on a garage in Hickory Hills IL.

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Who We Are

Ram Jack specializes in repairing both residential and commercial foundations through proven, engineered, professional methods.


What We Do

Ram Jack is dedicated to providing reliable foundation solutions using both helical and driven steel piles.


New Foundation for Sinkhole-Damaged Garage

A Barrington, Illinois resident discovered a sinkhole had opened up in their garage.

Repairs were desperately needed to restore both safety and stability to the home, and prevent the issue from becoming worse. After the damages were evaluated by The Structural Shop LTD, Ram Jack Illinois was called in to propose a foundation solution. It was decided to use helical piles, so Ram Jack soon got to work. Over the course of the job, Eight piles were installed with guide sleeves--due to the soil softness--and 80 tons of granular material were poured to fill the sinkhole. Then, a new garage floor slab was installed and allowed to cure. When the job was finished, the homeowner's peace of mind was restored knowing that their garage was safe once more.


The process is not a fast or simple one, but for those who are willing to meet the requirements, owning or managing a Ram Jack© business is a worthwhile opportunity.


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