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We've been innovating since 1968.

For over 30 years the Ram Jack brand has stood for foundation solutions that are efficient and long-lasting. We have repaired and stabilized commercial buildings, historical buildings, government buildings, sea walls, condominium complexes, churches, single family homes, and much, much more.


Your new business will have ongoing support from our experts, including:



Your new business will have the support from our experts to hit the ground running. The Ram Jack opportunity includes training in operations, installation, marketing, and sales, along with on-site production training. All facets of our business are explained in detail. 



Ram Jack University, held annually, provides you and every Ram Jack team member with top quality training and guest speakers, as well as an opportunity to develop relationships within the Ram Jack network.



We will be there to guide you and your team with a comprehensive marketing plan and accounting support. Our full-time engineering staff helps with calculations and questions regarding the product. We custom design and custom build to any specific applications.

  "Their success is based on my success. "

"Their success is based on my success. "

Matt Miller

Gainesville, FL | Business Owner since June 2010

Matt was a general contractor in North Central Florida where he built new homes and did remodeling work. What attracted him to Ram Jack was the ability to get involved with a company that offered a product that he would be fully trained and mentored on. He recognized the need by coming in behind other contractors performing foundation repair.

  “Because of Ram Jack, in a very short period of time, I would consider us foundation repair experts.”

“Because of Ram Jack, in a very short period of time, I would consider us foundation repair experts.”

Scott Erlewine

Columbia, SC | Business owner since April 2000

Before joining the Ram Jack business opportunity team, Scott specialized in poured-concrete foundations. The amount of support, our premium products, and not having franchise royalties is what attracted him to the business.

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