Las Vegas Territory

For anyone interested in becoming a business owner in the southern Nevada area, Ram Jack is seeking to expand its reach to the city of Las Vegas. Home to 905,393 housing units and thousands of business conferences a year, Las Vegas boasts a lively atmosphere with plenty of marketing opportunities for both residential and commercial work. The territory available, including three of Nevada’s major counties, is the perfect opportunity for a potential Ram Jack franchisee. If you think this could be the right choice for you, contact us today!



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Counties Served

  • Clark

  • Lincoln

  • Nye

Driven Pile Installation Animation

A short clip of a Ram-Jack Deep Driven Steel Pier being pushed on a garage in Hickory Hills IL.

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Who We Are

Ram Jack specializes in repairing both residential and commercial foundations through proven, engineered, professional methods.


What We Do

Ram Jack is dedicated to providing reliable foundation solutions using both helical and driven steel piles.


Nevada Stateline Bikeway Boardwalk

To provide all locals an equal means of transportation, Nevada agencies needed to install a boardwalk meeting both AASHTO and ADA standards.

The project would entail installing helical piles with diagonal braces to support the 250 ft. x 13 ft. boardwalk. After the bidding process was over, VersaGrade, Inc. was awarded the job. Due to the environmentally-sensitive nature of the area, VersaGrade ran into difficulties immediately, from having to power the torquing machines from a long distance to manually bringing tools, as well as being continually monitored by project overseers to ensure no debris was left on the ground. However, Ram Jack overcame the obstacles without compromising job quality and ahead of schedule. In all, a total of 148 helicals with diagonal braces were installed to create a secure foundation for the boardwalk, and all pile tests performed were in accordance with ASTM standards.




The process is not a fast or simple one, but for those who are willing to meet the requirements, owning or managing a Ram Jack© business is a worthwhile opportunity.


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