Columbus Territory

Georgia needs Ram Jack!  With their expansive soils and seasonal cycles, the Georgia market sets the basis for success.  Having one of the highest economic growths in the nation combined with an increasing GDP, this valuable territory has serious potential for someone with high integrity, ambition and drive.  If you are not afraid of hard work or to take a risk in exchange for an opportunity to create security and wealth, join the Ram Jack team with Ram Jack Georgia!

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Counties Served

  • Chattahoochee

  • Clay Harris

  • Marion

  • Muscogee

  • Quitman

  • Randolph

  • Schley

  • Stewart

  • Sumter

  • Talbot

  • Taylor

  • Webster

Driven Pile Installation Animation

A short clip of a Ram-Jack Deep Driven Steel Pier being pushed on a garage in Hickory Hills IL.

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Who We Are

Ram Jack specializes in repairing both residential and commercial foundations through proven, engineered, professional methods.


What We Do

Ram Jack is dedicated to providing reliable foundation solutions using both helical and driven steel piles.


Serious Settlement of Foundation

When purchasing their home in Toqurville, Utah, the owners of the Terrace Deposits residence did their due diligence.

They researched the value of the property, had a formal home inspection, and felt comfortable with their purchase. After making one of the biggest purchases of their lives, they felt content with their decision. But only few years later, they began to notice some problems. Cracks appeared in the drywall, and the tile mortar on the floor began to pull apart.


The homeowners consulted a local company, Landmark Testing and Engineering, to help them get to the bottom of the problem. The engineering firm found that a portion of the residence on the north side was settling, and they recommended an underpinning system be installed to prevent any further settlement and damage. Ram Jack Utah was called in to perform the job. Engineers and inspectors assumed that the rear porch was built on standard, near-surface footings rather than drilled concrete pilings as with the rest of the home. This less strong and less stable solution quickly settled, causing visible damage to the rear exterior porch.

Proposed Solution

Because of the dense, rocky makeup of the soil on the north side of the structure where the settlement was taking place, Ram Jack Utah professionals determined that a standard application of the Ram Jack helical and driven steel piles would not be appropriate. Instead, they proposed using a portable rotary hammer drill that could break through the dense, stone-filled soil and provide a pilot hole into the underlying silty deposit. Each hole would provide an opening for subsequent installation of driven steel piles with Ram Jack’s standard brackets and guide sleeves.


A total of 16 driven steel piles with driven pile brackets were installed through the pilot holes and driven through a silty layer of soil to reach bedrock. The piles reached an average depth of 14 ft., and the home was lifted 2.5 in. for a complete recovery to its original position. Just as importantly, the piles provided the support needed to prevent any future settlement of the home. After installation of the piles, each of the holes was filled with structural polyurethane foam to eliminate any voids and further stabilize the structure. The customers were more than pleased with the job, and they have volunteered their home to prospective Ram Jack Utah customers as an example of Ram Jack’s quality of work.



The process is not a fast or simple one, but for those who are willing to meet the requirements, owning or managing a Ram Jack© business is a worthwhile opportunity.


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