St. Louis Territory

Home to 1.4 million housing units, the metropolitan city of St. Louis offers a large market area for a potential Ram Jack business owner. The scenic city sits beside the Mississippi River and experiences a variety of weather conditions, making deep foundation systems highly valuable, as well as services such as waterproofing. A plethora of media outlets and marketing opportunities is available to help your business become known. If you are interested in starting a franchise in the St. Louis area, contact Ram Jack today!

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Driven Pile Installation Animation

A short clip of a Ram-Jack Deep Driven Steel Pier being pushed on a garage in Hickory Hills IL.

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Who We Are

Ram Jack specializes in repairing both residential and commercial foundations through proven, engineered, professional methods.


What We Do

Ram Jack is dedicated to providing reliable foundation solutions using both helical and driven steel piles.


Berryville Solar Field

Tenk's plans to install an array of ground-mounted solar panels were dependent on an engineered foundation system.


The project engineer designed a stabilization plan that called for 16 helical piles.  Known for their professional and reliable helical systems, Ram Jack of Oklahoma & Arkansas was contracted to do the work.  Once on-site, Ram Jack crews began installing the piles.  Complicating matters was the remoteness of the job location which made truck access difficult.  In addition, a layer of solid rock was encountered during installation that had to be drilled through.  Once the piles were in place, caps were added on top and the piles were trimmed to meet requirements.  The job took one-half of a day and provided Tenk with a foundation solution immediately ready to support the new solar panels.



The process is not a fast or simple one, but for those who are willing to meet the requirements, owning or managing a Ram Jack© business is a worthwhile opportunity.


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